As Surfing is such a dynamic, in the moment activity its pretty hard to be thinking about a move as different stages of technique, it happens so quickly anyway and being preoccupied with technique often stiffens you up and can really take the fun out of a surf.

I’m not saying ‘how to’ advice is a waste of time, or that you don’t need to think about technique at all, rather I’m going to suggest a process or two that will work on those limiting beliefs and complement the technique work.

The key to improving your surfing is finding a balance between physical practice and energy work (visualization and belief work). If you just sit down and meditate or visualize yourself busting new moves without actually going out there and surfing I don’t think you will see much progress. Likewise, if you just practice the move every wave until your blue in the face without addressing what negativity is running through your thoughts. That kind of obsession is not going to produce quick results either. This is a holistic approach; you begin the energy work and achieve a state where you can surf with belief, passion, and confidence. You visualize yourself completing the move and build up a good feeling about it. You then act, the energy work paves the way but to complete the learning you must practice, this is where the transformation takes place, in the water.

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